Sky UK for Yachts

With over 400 channels and over 50 in HD – Sky TV is the #1 English pay-TV in Europe. We have a dedicated division to provide this excellent source of entertainment to yachts.

We offer true 24/7 customer support for our yacht customers with an average response time of under 30 minutes. We offer exclusively fully flexible Sky UK subscriptions which do not have to run the usual 12 month contract but only 30 days, saving you money on subscriptions when you do not need them. This is the no. 1 solution for Sky UK on yachts.

All Sky UK subscriptions are managed and serviced in house.

All Sky HD in stock and delivered anywhere in 1-2 business days via UPS Express.

Case Study

In Summer 2014 on a Sunday night at 11pm we got a phone call from a Captain. All 11 subscription cards were not working and the owner was expected 7am the next morning. We got the team together and solved the entire problem by 3am Monday night – the owner never noticed anything and could start his adventure. Who does deliver this kind of service? In the Sky UK business that is only us! We are second to none and that 24/7 (only for our yacht customers with dedicated yacht support).

Our service is friendly, very knowledgeable, extremely fast and available TRULY 24/7. This is guaranteed by providing the cell phone numbers of senior management who will cater to your needs during Med season. We always go the extra mile, provide solutions for complicated situations and even when out of our expertise have a global network of experts to find a solution for you. We are servicing yachts since 2003 and we are in business since 1997.

Sky UK is on 28.2° E – ASTRA 2

Reception can be tricky in the south of Europe. If you are travelling to Croatia, Turkey, Greece or the South of Italy, we recommend Sky Italia instead. Contact us for more.

Footprints from SatBeams

ASTRA 2F Footprint on Lyngsat

ASTRA 2F UK Spotbeam

ASTRA 2E Europe Beam

ASTRA 2E UK Spotbeam

ASTRA 2G Europe Beam

ASTRA 2G UK Spotbeam

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